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Each student at

the Burwood Education Centre has

their own individual programme of work that aims to bring them up to their desired level as quickly as possible.

The B.E.C. caters for all levels of ability, whether they are at the top of their class or struggling to reach their level. 

We continually endeavour to enrich

& extend each student.

Each lesson is for 80 minutes & has

a balance of written, computer & oral work

to reflect everyday living & their school work.

Each lesson costs $50 for each lesson attended.

If the parent wishes, we work closely

with the student's teacher and school.

We do stress that this is the parent's choice.

"Igniting the passion for a lifelong love of learning"

We have two session times for lessons:

​3.30 to 4.50pm each school day and 5.00 to 6.20pm but not including Fridays.

We observe all school and public holidays.

In some cases we run a 2.00pm session after discussion with parents.

Before a student can start at the centre a free assessent is conducted to inform the parents

of their child's level on the day and gives us the information to design an individual programme of work.

We take pride in using up to date New Zealand computer programmes and written work which follows the current New Zealand curriculum and NCEA standards.

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