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How do I find the best tutor for my child?


The following is a guide of what to look for when choosing the best tutor for your child.


Does the tutor use material based on the New Zealand curriculum and NCEA subjects?

Many tutoring organisations use Australian or American systems which are not up-to-date or relevant.

When choosing a tutor ask who developed the system. 


Individual versus small group tuition?

One on one tuition puts a lot of pressure on children.

The tutor is waiting for them to finish and watching all the time.

When the tutor is working with up to four children of different ages and abilities there is time for the child to have a go

while the tutor is helping someone else.

They will see other students working hard and asking questions. 


Why not do all work on the computer? It is more fun.

Tutoring is expensive and has been sought by parents to help their child achieve higher levels.

Research shows that a variety of activities, such as handwriting, bookwork, keyboard work and discussion,

are extremely important in establishing better learning.



Can your tutor extend able children?

If your tutor is an experienced NZ-trained teacher they will design a program that will challenge and motivate

very bright children who are not provided for in a classroom.

An individual program can be designed to cater for these students.


How long should a session last? One hour or one hour twenty minutes?

80 minutes allows time to mark homework and complete 5 or 6 different activities.

They have time to plan, write and revise.

A 5 minute educational game at the end of the session allows the student to consolidate their work.

One hour puts too much pressure on the student or doesn't cover enough subject matter to enhance their learning.


Why use a tutor and not an online tutoring system?

'Face-to-face tutoring' is flexible, interactive and human.

A tutor can sense when a child is having difficulty and can instantly help. They cannot be turned off.

Committing to a session once a week is helping the child to be serious about what they want to achieve.

It is easy to log out of a computer program, or skip something that is important to practise, and so continuity is broken.




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