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Paul went to Christchurch Teacher's College, taught English as a second language overseas, worked with at risk youth here in Christchurch

& likes old cars. 

“I believe in building confidence & independence to ignite a lifelong passion for learning.”



The Burwood Education Centre has

a history of making sure that each individual programme closely reflects the New Zealand curriculum.

As of 11/2/22 the B.E.C. is under new management & will continue to be run under the highly successful formula

operated under the previous ownership.

Returning students will continue on the same path as before, new students will be assessed & their learning path plotted on the pre-existing formula.


Many many thanks for your help. I am now aimimg for med school.

Harry H  Year 13

Without your help, I would not have passed my NCEA exams.

Thanks, you were a great help.


James Y 12

I hadn't realised that maths was so easy.

I am now at the top of the class. Everyone thinks I am smart!


Stevie Year 4

I can now write essays AND my teacher likes them.

Many many thanks for all your help Judith.

Molly yr 7

The free assessment takes up to 45 minutes giving you an independent overview of your child's strengths and weaknesses.

Staff must also be New Zealand-trained/experienced teachers.

This gives the centre the edge over others, as their training as teachers allows instant modification of the individual programmes of work for each student, when the need arises. 

Each student lesson involves written, computer and oral work with their teacher.

Homework is set to create a link between home and the centre.


Each lesson runs for 1 hour 20 minutes and costs $50. 


Being an independent business, rather than a franchise,

enables the Centre to keep our fees low.

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